I’d say I see the galaxy in your eyes but space is endless and I think I love you.
― k.f.

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You can call 10 times
and 100 times more,
but nothing really cuts it
til I see you at my door.
― k.f.

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A sign of recovery is when you switch your vodka to tea.
― k.f.

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Smiles should not crack like porcelain as mine did.
― k.f.

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I will trace every curve of your body
and all the lines in your hands
until I can make a map of you
and memorize every road
― (via oldblacktshirt)

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There’s only so many times you can jump off a building before you die.
I guess that’s how we were together.
― (via oldblacktshirt)

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i hope you dream about me
the way i dream about you
in coffee shops
on strangers couches
for no reason in particular
you are on my mind
am i on yours?
― (via oldblacktshirt)

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my mom always told me
not to buy white bed sheets
because she said i would cover them in stains
but she only warned me of nail polish and tea
she never told me memories couldn’t be scrubbed out
― • (via oldblacktshirt)

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Some say that love happens a million times over,

like walking the path back home from the corner store every Sunday.

Some say it happens once in your life,

like the time when you were thirteen years old and the scratch-off

ticket your grandmother gave you for Christmas ended up winning you

one hundred dollars.

But there is no argument on how intimacy works,

because it only occurs once.

You only get once chance to learn the way his hips feel when you

haven’t seen him in a month

or the way he doesn’t drink coffee in the morning, but prefers to have

milk in a mug instead.

And you only get one chance to ask him why,

and he says it’s because it reminds him of his dad when he was little,

always rushing out the door with his briefcase

until one day he ran out of time to rush

because the other driver blew a red light.

You’ll only get to hear that story once.

You’ll only get to listen to his favorite song for the first time once

and see how his eyes light up and how he sings along,

even if it is in the wrong key

and you’ll hope the passion you see in his eyes then will someday be

caused by you instead of Led Zeppelin.

You can love and love a million times over,

but you cannot get a second chance at knowing someone.

You cannot learn and unlearn his scent or his dog’s name or his favorite season.

The rare occurrence that these are available for your knowledge is a blessing within itself.

When given the chance, use it wisely.

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i ask him to describe himself in some simple words

and he tells me he likes to be alone

and then i ask him why he’s here 

and he says because without you i’d lose my other half

and i wouldn’t be alone

id be lost

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